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Jimmie Durham

Jimmie Durham

Jimmie Durham

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Jimmie Durham (1940 USA - 2021 Berlin, Germany) was one of the most important contemporary artists. His practice spans many media, including drawing, collage, photography, performance, video, as well as writing, being best known for his sculptural constructions, often made from natural materials and found objects, addressing the political and social powers, injustices, and absurdities that shape our world.

Since Jimmie Durham's participation in an art project of Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt on Alexanderplatz / Berlin in the year 2000, Universes in Universe keeps informing about his work in several articles and visual tours through exhibitions. This special feature offers a direct access to this material.

Jimmie Durham, 2020. © Photo: Maria Thereza Alves

Statement by Jimmie Durham

I try to do work that will reach the widest possible audience, but I imagine an audience of individual persons. And, at that, I imagine persons of intelligence more than my own, with curiosity, generosity, and a willingness to engage with the work critically, as though it could be important.

I'm trying to skirt social environments. It is a part of my exile to do so, but the exile is of my brain, so that my heart can the more be home. …

When I see a piece of wood, or a dog skull, or a plastic bottle I feel a connection. Each has a political and physical history similar to mine. My only inspiration is the physical objects themselves. But for me nothing could be more complex — it is all of existence that I'm seeing, but in minute specifics.

Jimmie Durham, from a statement in 1992

Articles, exhibitions, works

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