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Dr Hayat Shamsuddin

Senior Vice President, Arts and Culture, Expo 2020 Dubai

Dr Hayat Shamsuddin

As Senior Vice President, Arts and Culture, Expo 2020 Dubai, Dr Hayat Shamsuddin is responsible for overseeing that Expo 2020 Dubai offers rich and diverse cultural initiatives and content across the organisation, ensuring millions of visitors to the World Expo enjoy a genuine as well as contemporary Emirati experience.

Additionally, her work ensures that cultural expressions coordinate with Expo 2020’s theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and key subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

Hayat leads two pioneering, bespoke commissions for Expo 2020 Dubai: a curated Public Art Programme, comprising 11 specially commissioned artworks permanently installed across the Expo 2020 site, as well as a Design and Crafts Platform, which brings together over 40 designers and artisans to collaboratively produce contemporary design collections exclusive to Expo 2020 Dubai. Both programmes reflect and champion the contemporary arts scene of the UAE and position Expo 2020 Dubai within the global artistic and intellectual discourse.

Prior to joining Expo 2020 Dubai, Hayat’s career spanned diverse industries and sectors, bridging tourism, commerce, arts and culture to include art fairs, film festivals, television productions, book fairs, and heritage festivals. She has worked closely with entities ranging from Emirates Airlines and Boston Consulting Group to Dubai Economic Department, Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, and Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

With a deep passion for all forms of cultural and creative expression, Hayat’s focus has always been understanding communities and markets to develop and deliver inspirational solutions that align social, economic, and business strategies with the needs of people.

Throughout her career, Hayat’s interest has been in increasing awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of Emirati culture, and her continued ambition is to contribute to the flourishing of the UAE as an active hub of Middle-East arts, culture, and knowledge production.

Text and information: Expo 2020 Dubai Public Art Programme.

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