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Abdullah Al Saadi

Born in Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emirates; lives there.


Acrylic paint on rocks
Various dimensions

© Abdullah Al Saadi 2021. Commissioned by Expo 2020 Dubai.
Expo 2020 Dubai Collection


Abdullah Al Saadi's work Terhal is a permanent public intervention in a seating area, and the result of his immersion in the unique natural surroundings of Wadi Tayybah in the Emirate of Fujeirah.

Al Saadi's passionate relationship with the natural environment is both simple and complex, intuitive and analytical. His many travels take him on long journeys during which he records his encounters with and experiences among natural elements. He documents his daily activities, makes sketches in a regularly kept journal and collects different organic and mineral materials, which he later organises into constellations that follow a logic born from his reflections.

For Terhal, the artist made map-like paintings from different perspectival orientations on stones from the Wadi Tayybah region. The stones are organised according to his own symbolic code, in an invitation to discover a kind of poetic archaeological language.

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From information by Expo 2020 Dubai Public Art Programme.

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