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Constellation Malta

A Contemporary Art Exhibition at various Heritage Sites

Major closing Visual Arts Exhibition of Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture

Organizer: Valletta 2018 Foundation

The project Constellation Malta proposes a series of artistic interventions throughout the geography of the Maltese archipelago with the desire of creating fruitful dialogues between historical heritage, popular culture and contemporary art. Constellations are imaginary outlines that connect stars and/or celestial bodies to conform figurative and symbolic images in an attempt to understand our human condition in relation to the cosmos. As a receptacle for our intellectual, psychological and emotional projections, constellations shelter the need to find meaning in our presence in the world. Throughout the centuries, constellations have served as tools for orientation and navigation, both in a geographic and in an existential way.


Besides, recent scientific discoveries have shown that, among celestial constellations, there is a specific typology called "dark cloud constellations" which are formed by a magma of dense and impenetrable shadows of nebulae where new stars and matter is born. By associating the term Constellation with the name of Malta, certain locations in the Maltese archipelago will metaphorically become meaningful stars, nodes that will guide our journey through the physical and cultural topographies rediscovered by the creativity and the imagination of contemporary artists. The proposed route through configuration of archaeological sites, museums, churches, windmills, gardens, quarries or natural landscapes will outline a multi-site exhibition embedded in the geography of the Maltese archipelago. The dialogue between contemporary art and cultural heritage will enrich the conversation how we live together. By unveiling the meaning embodied by these new “stars”, the spectators will be invited to create their own paths of meaning.

Interview with Rosa Martínez

About Valletta 2018 Foundation

The Valletta 2018 Foundation is responsible for delivering the European Capital of Culture Programme throughout Malta and Gozo. Since its inception, the Foundation has been driving cultural, social, and economic regeneration in Valletta and the Maltese Islands through collaboration, exchange and innovative practices.

Cultural Programme Valletta 2018

The Cultural Programme for Valletta 2018 consists of numerous events and projects that have been developed organically with various local and international communities and artists. There are three main themes that underpin this programme: Island Stories, Future Baroque, and Voyages.

Island Stories reflects on the realities behind living on an island. What does it mean? There is more than one narrative at play to island life. Future Baroque is a way of life in Malta. It’s characterised by the extravagance and theatricality of quotidian life, and the mean and exaggeration in our gestures and actions. Voyages explores Valletta’s historical position as a meeting point for different cultures. Its harbours have connected eastern and western Mediterranean civilisations, as well as Europe and Africa for centuries. It is a space where meaningful encounters can be made.


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Photos & Video: Courtesy Valletta 2018 Foundation
© Images on top: Eulalia Valldosera / Austin Camilleri, photo Daniel Cilia / Chiharu Shiota, photo Daniel Mifsud

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