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9 February - 3 April 2011
Opening: 8 February, 8 pm
Galeria de Artes Visuais do Oi Futuro

Av. Afonso Pena 4001
Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
CEP 30130 008
Information: (31) 3229 3131
As already in Rio de Janeiro, the exhibition is presented under the title "A Carta da Jamaica" (Letter from Jamaica). It refers to the famous letter written by Simón Bolívar (1793 - 1830) in 1815 during his exile in Jamaica, as a response to Henry Cullen, a British resident on the island. This letter, written in English, is considered one of the most important political statements in the history of Latin America.

Curator: Alfons Hug
(Germany / Brazil)
Curator Brazil: Alberto Saraiva
Co-Curator: Paz Guevara
(Chile / Germany)

Oi Futuro and

Goethe Instituts in Latin America
Artists participating in Belo Horizonte:

Neville D'Almeida
* 1941 Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Narda Alvarado
* 1975 La Paz, Bolivia; lives there.
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Alexander Apóstol
* 1969 Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Lives in Madrid, Spain, and Caracas, Venezuela.
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Claudia Aravena Abughosh
* 1968 Santiago de Chile. Lives in Berlin, Germany.
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Leticia El Halli Obeid
* 1975 Córdoba, Argentina. Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Gianfranco Foschino
* 1983 Santiago de Chile.
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Christine de la Garenne
* 1973 Karlsruhe, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany, and Los Angeles, USA.
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Fernando Gutiérrez
* 1978 Trujillo, Peru. Lives in Lima, Peru.
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Bjørn Melhus
* 1966 Kirchheim/Teck, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.
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Regina Parra
* 1981 São Paulo, Brazil; lives there.
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Martín Sastre
* 1976 Montevideo, Uruguay. Lives in Madrid, Spain.
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Gastón Ugalde
* 1946 La Paz, Bolivia; lives there.
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Mariana Vassileva
* 1964 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Lives in Berlin, Germany.
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Humberto Vélez
* 1965 Panama City, Panama. Lives in London, United Kingdom, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Less Time Than Space

Menos Tiempo que Lugar. The Art of the Independence: Contemporary Echos. Artists from Latin America and Germany, 2009 - 2011. Curator: Alfons Hug.

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