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Exhibition at OCA, São Paulo

Oca (Pavilhão Lucas Nogueira Garcez)
Parque Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil

7 March - 12 April 2009

International: Alfons Hug
Brazil: Alberto Saraiva

28 participants from 5 continents

Photo Tour

Intempéries = Anomaly of the weather; also: without shelter

Climatic phenomena, which are being increasingly medialized, need to be "reculturalized" by measuring the aesthetic temperatures of a new feeling for life. However, the kind of aesthetic treatment of weather and landscape we are proposing could possibly contribute more to preserving both than a purely scientific approach.

See the curatorial text by Alfons Hug


Marcos Abreu
Botner & Pedro
Zalinda Cartaxo
Paulo Climachauska
Marcello Dantas
Vicente de Mello
Caio Reisewitz
Thiago Rocha Pitta
Tina Velho
Laura Vinci

Eugenio Ampudia (Spain)
Erika Blumenfeld (USA)
Phil Dadson (New Zealand)
Simon Faithfull (United Kingdom)
Lutz Fritsch (Germany)
Jürgen Heinert / Michael Sailstorfer (Germany)
Ann Veronica Janssens (Belgium)
Kalle Laar (Germany)
Diana Lebensohn (Argentina)
Thomas Mulcaire (South Africa)
Alexander Nikolaev (Uzbekistan)
George Osodi (Nigeria)
Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley (USA, Ireland)
Mika Rottenberg (Argentina)
Shin Kiwoun (Korea)
Guido van der Werve (The Netherlands)
Yang Shaobin (China)
Andrej Zdravic (Slovenia)


Goethe-Institut Rio de Janeiro
in cooperation with
Centro Cultural Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro
and Bienal Fin del Mundo, Argentina


See also:
2nd Biennial at the End of the World
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. 24 April - 25 May 2009.

Examples from the photo tour:

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