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Extensive visual tour - all the venues of the
43 Salón (inter) Nacional de Artistas
Edificio Antioquia, 2nd part:
Works by 24 participants, presented at
the 6th, 7th and 8th floor of the building.
Edificio Antioquia
Carrera 50 No. 52-01
The former headquarters of the revenue office of the Governor‘s was recently taken over by the Universidad de Antioquia. The exhibition of the 43SNA is part of the initiative to find new uses for the building.
La Heladería (Ice cream parlor), a space on the first floor and mezzanine, hosts a variety of lively programs highlighting the artistic and cultural life of Medellín.
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43 Salón (inter) Nacional de Artistas
6 Sept. - 3 Nov. 2013 in Medellín, Colombia
Title: Saber Desconocer

Curators: Mariángela Méndez (Artistic Director), Florencia Malbrán, Javier Mejía, Rodrigo Moura, Óscar Roldán Alzate


Extensive Visual Tour

Extensive visual tour through the 43SNA in Medellín, Colombia. Art works and venues - photos, videos, information.

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