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Seminars, education and mediation activities, events

Press conference - Opening of the 43SNA:
5 September, 10 a.m., Medellín

Preview: 5 September, 11 a.m.

5 September, 5:00 p.m.

Opening seminar:
Saber Desconocer, to live in Oxymoron

7 September 2013
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Lido Theater, Medellín

5 international guests from different disciplines and 6 Colombian professionals will work along two axes:

- Regional, national, international: Rename the limit, examining the format of the exhibition, the Salon and the Biennials.

- To live in Oxymoron: Convergences between to know and not to know, will explore the concepts proposed by the Salon from different approaches and disciplines.

Panelists include: Florencia Garramuño (Argentina), Nico Israel (USA) and José Roca (Colombia)

Closing seminar:
Saber Desconocer, what was done and has been learnt

29 October, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
La Heladería, Edificio Antioquia, Medellín

Before the event closes, there will be the opportunity to talk with the curators as a conclusion. Both seminars will be free and open to the public. Among the participants are Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (Mexico) and Efrén Giraldo (Colombia).

Conversations with artists

During the months of artwork production (July-August) and during the exhibition (September-November), several artists and experts in the field of contemporary arts will visit the city. These visits will provide opportunities to offer talks and presentations in diferents universities, which will be inserted into the academic programs of the faculties to have a broader resonance.

Qualification in criticism and cultural journalism

For 30 people interested in the intersections between criticism and cultural journalism in Medellín. This project takes place in cooperation with the Museum of the University of Antioquia during the second semester of 2013 with the participation of experts from Colombia and other countries.

School of guides

This program, designed and directed by the artist Víctor Muñoz (Colombia), seeks to qualify professionals in the artistic field who have worked as exhibition guides or who are interested in this activity. As a result, there will a group of skilled guides in each of the spaces, who will accompany the visit of children, students, and adults from all origins and interests.

Program of mediation laboratories

Implemented within the academic and pedagogic component of the 43SNA for the communities of the different areas of Medellín. Seven training processes, developed with equal number of groups in seven different sectors of the city, seek to provide expressive tools to the participants to empower their role as emancipated audiences or as potential creators. The training will be complemented with visits to the 43SNA exhibitions.

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43 Salón (inter) Nacional de Artistas
6 September - 3 November 2013
Medellín, Colombia

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Saber Desconocer

Mariángela Méndez (Artistic Director)
Florencia Malbrán
Javier Mejía
Rodrigo Moura
Óscar Roldán Alzate

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