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Seed Mast, 2017
Wooden mast, seeds, rope, glass bottles and SSTV
Reproduced by Sharjah Art Foundation

Background left:
Series of 24 transmissions between Michael Taussig and Amy Franceschini
Watercolour and typewrite on paper
10.16 x 15.25 cm each

Venue: Gallery 2, Art Spaces at Al Mureijah Square

Futurefarmers is an international collective of artists, activists, farmers and architects. Through various media, they reconfigure or circumvent the prevailing logic of food policy, public transportation and rural farming networks in order to gain deeper insight into the inner workings of these systems.
Seed Mast takes the form of a sailing mast and serves as a literal and metaphorical antenna to Futurefarmers’ seafaring project Seed Journey (2017), a voyage in which ancient grains are transported to their geographic origins throughout the Middle East. Occupying the precarious place of contraband, the diverse biological matter is dispersed through currents, hand-to-hand networks and radio spectrums accessed via wires attached to the mast. Through a slow-scan television, Seed Mast will receive transmissions from the journey, mirroring the pace of the sailing vessel. Thought of as ‘reverse migration’, the collective aims to accent the rights of small farmers. The project also situates grains as emancipatory actors with respect to intellectual property rights pertaining to biological matter.
(From the SB13 Guidebook)

Established 1994, USA and Belgium.
For SB13, Futurefarmers assemble as Amy Franceschini, Pieter Heremans, Martin Lundberg, Joe Riley, Audrey Snyder, Michael Swaine, Michael Taussig, Marthe Van Dessel.

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Art Spaces at Al Mureijah Square - 2

Extensive informative tour including photos and videos of works by almost all the participants in Sharjah, 10 March - 12 June 2017. Curator: Christine Tohmé.

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