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Past of the Coming Days: Artists

Film & Performance, curator: Tarek Abou El Fetouh

Shaina Anand
* 1975 Mumbai, India; lives there.

Ahmed El Attar
* 1969 Cairo, Egypt; lives there and in Paris, France.

Sherif El Azma
* 1975 Manchester, UK. Lives in Cairo, Egypt.

Sulayman Al Bassam
* 1972 Kuwait; lives there.

Nacera Belaza
* Médéa, Algeria. Lives in Paris, France.

Nejib Belkadi
* 1972 Tunis, Tunisia; lives there.

Ahmed Foula
* 1979 Alexandria, Egypt. Lives in Cairo, Egypt.
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Oussama Ghanam
* 1976 Damascus, Syria; lives there.

Tarek Halaby
* 1980 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Mai Al Ibrashy
* 1969 Cairo, Egypt; lives there.

Iman Issa
* 1979 Cairo, Egypt. Lives in New York, USA.
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Abbas Kirostami
* 1940 Teheran; lives there.
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Amir Reza Koohestani
* 1978 Shiraz, Iran; lives there and in Manchester, UK.

Elena Kovylina
* 1971 Moscow, Russia; lives there and in Paris, France.

Maha Maamoun
* 1972 Cairo, Egypt; lives there.
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Eva Meyer-Keller
* 1972 Freiburg, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Rabih Mroué
* 1967 Beirut, Lebanon; lives there.
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Samer Omran
* 1964 Lattakia, Syria. Lives in Damascus, Syria.

Walid Raad
* 1967 Chbanieh, Lebanon. Lives in Brooklyn, USA.
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Mahmoud Refaat
* 1974 Cairo, Egypt; lives there.

Rimini Protokoll
Helgard Haug: * 1969 Sindelfingen, Germany.
Stefan Kaegi: * 1971 Solothurn, Switzerland.
Daniel Wetzel: * 1969 Konstanz, Germany.
The Company is based in Berlin.

Mounira El Solh
* 1978 Beirut, Lebanon; lives there and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Ashok Sukumaran
* 1974 Sapporo, Japan. Lives in Mumbai, India.
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Anand Surapur
* 1975 Hyderabad, India. Lives in Mumbai, India.

9th Sharjah Biennial
19 March - 16 May 2009
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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