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Provisions for the Future: Artists

Exhibition, curator: Isabel Carlos

Hamra Abbas
* 1976 Kuwait; Pakistani origin. Lives in Islamabad, Pakistan, and Boston, USA.
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Haig Aivazian
* 1980 El Metn, United Arab Emirates. Lives in Dubai, UAE.

Halil Altindere
* 1971 Mardin, Turkey. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.
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Ziad Antar
* 1978 Saida, Lebanon. Lives there and in Paris, France.

Juan Araujo
* 1971 Caracas, Venezuela; lives there.

Tarek Atoui
* 1980 Beirut, Lebanon. Lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Samira Badran
* 1954 Tripoli, Libya; Palestinian origin. Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Doris Bittar
* 1959 Baghdad, Iraq. Lives in San Diego, USA.
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Melissa Chimera & Adele NeJame
M. Chimera: * 1972 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
A. NeJame: * 1969 New Jersey, USA.
They live in Hawaii.

Eugenio Dittborn
* 1943 Santiago de Chile; lives there.

Lili Dujourie
* 1941 Gent, Belgium; lives there.

Alberto Duman
* 1966 Milan, Italy. Lives in London, UK.

Hala Elkoussy
* 1974 Cairo, Egypt. Lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Haris Epaminonda
* 1980 Nicosia, Cyprus. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Ayse Erkmen
* 1949 Istanbul, Turkey; lives there and in Berlin, Germany.
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Sophie Ernst
* 1972 Munich, Germany. Lives in Bussum, The Netherlands.

Amir H. Fallah
* 1978 Teheran, Iran. Lives in Los Angeles, USA.
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Lara Favaretto
* 1973 Treviso, Italy. Lives in Turin, Italy.

Lamya Gargash
* 1982 Dubai, United Arab Emirates; lives there.
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Reem Al Ghaith
* 1985 Dubai, United Arab Emirates; lives there.

Mariam Ghani & Erin Ellen Kelly
M. Ghani: * 1978 New York, USA; Afghan/Lebanese background. more info & photos
E. E. Kelly: * 1976 St Louis, USA.
They live in New York, USA.

Simryn Gill
* 1959 Singapore. Lives in Sydney, Australia, and Port Dickson, Malaysia.
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Sheela Gowda
* 1957 Bhadravati, India. Lives in Bangalore, India.
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Laurent Grasso
* 1972 Mulhouse, France. Lives in Paris, France.

Diana Al Hadid
* 1981 Aleppo, Syria. Lives in Brooklyn, USA.

Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige
J. Hadjithomas: * 1969 Beirut, Lebanon. more info & photos
K. Joreige: * 1969 Beirut, Lebanon. more info & photos
They live in Beirut, Lebanon, and Paris, France.

N.S. Harsha
* 1969 Mysore, Karnataka, India; lives there.
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Doug Henders
* 1957 Chicago, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Agnes Janich
* 1985 Lodz, Poland. Lives in Warsaw, Poland.

Lamia Joreige
* 1972 Beirut, Lebanon; lives there.
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Narelle Jubelin
* 1961 Sydney, Australia. Lives in Madrid, Spain.

Nadia Kaabi Linke
* 1978 Tunis, Tunisia. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Hayv Kahraman
* 1981 Baghdad, Iraq. Lives in Phoenix, USA.
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Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen
* 1971 Aalborg, Denmark. Lives in Paris, France, and London, UK.
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Liu Wei
* 1965 Beijing, China; lives there.

Maider López
* 1975 San Sebastián, Spain; lives there.

Robert MacPherson
* 1937 Sydney, Australia. Lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Lani Maestro
* 1957 Manila, Philippines. Lives in Caen, France.

Firoz Mahmud
* 1974 Khulna, Bangladesh. Lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Jawad Al Malhi
* 1969 Jerusalem; lives there.

Waheeda Malullah
* 1978 Manama, Bahrain; lives there.
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José Luis Martinat
* 1974 Lima, Peru. Lives in Malmö, Sweden.

Hiroyuki Masuyama
* 1968 Tsukuba, Japan. Lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Gita Meh
* 1963 Teheran, Iran. Lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Giuseppe Moscatello
* 1979 Botrugno, Italy. Lives in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Nika Oblak & Primõz Novak
N. Oblak: * 1975 Kranj, Slovenia.
P. Novak: * 1973 Murska Sobota, Slovenia.
They live in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Fernando José Pereira
* 1961 Porto, Portugal; lives there.

Liliana Porter
* 1941 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in New York, USA.

Karin Sander
* 1957 Bensberg, Germany. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Basma Al-Sharif
* 1983 Kuwait. Lives in Cairo, Egypt.

Nida Sinnokrot
* 1971 Pennsylvania, USA. Grown up in Zeralda, Algeria. Lives in Madrid, Spain.
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Valeska Soares
* 1957 Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
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Collaborating with O Grivo - Nelson Soares & Marcos Moreira Marcos - from Belo Horizonte.

David Spriggs
* 1978 Manchester, UK. Lives in Montreal, Canada.

Ana Vidigal
* 1960 Lisbon, Portugal; lives there.

Sharif Waked
* 1964 Nazareth, Israel; Palestinian. Lives in Haifa, Israel.
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Lawrence Weiner
* 1942 New York, USA; lives there.

Jane & Louise Wilson
* 1967 London, UK; lives there.

* 1975 Luanda, Angola. Lives in Lisbon, Portugal.
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9th Sharjah Biennial
19 March - 16 May 2009
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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