Xu Bing

Background Story, 2016

Visible behind the panes of frosted glass, an ancient ink landscape painting emerges from the shapes of mountains, rocks, trees, pavilions, and small boats. However, when viewers walks to the area behind the cases, what they discover is a strangely heterodox combination of materials: items that might have been salvaged from a dustbin or discovered on the street. Taped directly to the frosted glass panes or held in place by modeling clay, bricks and fish- ing wire are wads of cotton, pieces of paper, unraveled hemp, grass, sticks and tree twigs. Xu Bing intends the visitors to see the alternate image that lies behind the one that is projected.

© Photo: Courtesy of Shanghai Project

Shanghai Project Chapter 1

Inaugurated on 4 September 2016. Co-Artistic Directors: Yongwoo Lee & Hans Ulrich Obrist. Shanghai Himalayas Museum, and various locations.

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