Envision Pavilion

This pavilion is designed by Japan’s internationally renowned architect, Sou Fujimoto, and is constructed at the Shanghai Himalayas Center. With thematic inspiration referring to the future of mankind 100 years from now, this architectural structure, due to its use of scaffolds, resembles a vision of the future: first, as the structure employs scaffolding for its skeleton rather than as a secondary material for construction, and second, as it emphasizes the architectural function of open, transparent space. Its total floor area, at 670 square meters, is not partitioned and allows for the free and open communication amongst its inner spaces.

© Photo: Courtesy of Shanghai Project

Shanghai Project Chapter 1

Inaugurated on 4 September 2016. Co-Artistic Directors: Yongwoo Lee & Hans Ulrich Obrist. Shanghai Himalayas Museum, and various locations.

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