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Unerasable Memories
A Historic Look at the Videobrasil Collection


Akram Zaatari (Lebanon)
In This House, 2004
Video, 30’19”

Ayrson Heráclito & Danillo Barata (Brazil)
Barrueco, 2004
Video, 4’30”

Aurélio Michiles (Brazil)
O sangue da terra, 1982-1984
Video, 33’53”

Bouchra Khalili (Morocco)
Four videos from The Mapping Journey Project, 2008-2011
Four-channel video installation

Carlos Motta (Colombia)
Letter to My Father
(Standing by the Fence), 2005
Video, 14’17”

Coco Fusco (USA)
Bare Life Study #1, 2005
Video, 13’58”
Performance recording

Dan Halter (Zimbabwe)
Untitled (Zimbabwean Queen of Rave), 2005
Video, 3’48”

Enio Staub (Brazil)
Contestado, a guerra desconhecida, 1985
Video, 55’27”

Jonathas de Andrade (Brazil)
Projeto Pacífico, 2010
Video installation

León Ferrari & Ricardo Pons (Argentina)
Casa Blanca, 2005
Video, 3’15”

Liu Wei (China)
The Unforgettable Memory, 2009
Video, 10’17”

Luiz de Abreu (Brazil)
O samba do crioulo doido, 2013
Video, 19’41”
Performance recording

Mwangi Hutter (Kenya)
My Possession, 2005
Video, 31’28’’
Performance recording

Rabih Mroué (Lebanon)
Face A Face B, 2002
Video, 9’40”

Rosângela Rennó (Brazil)
Vera Cruz, 2000
Vídeo, 44’20”

Sebastian Diaz-Morales (Argentina)
Lucharemos Hasta Anular la Ley, 2004
Video, 10’04”

Vincent Carelli & Dominique Gallois (France/Belgium)
A arca dos Zo’e, 1993
Video, 21’25’’

Walid Raad (Lebanon)
The Loudest Muttering Is Over:
Documents from The Atlas Group Archive, 2003
Video, 1h13’18”

Unerasable Memories

A Historic Look at the Videobrasil Collection. Conflictual episodes of history based on the personal perspectives of renowned artists. Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio.

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