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Manipulations and Aberrations

Installations, objects with x-ray plates

I graduated in painting in Argentina when we painfully returned to democracy. The fear could be taken off like a winter coat: now we were finally allowed to express ourselves freely again, or perhaps for the first time, but I myself was paralyzed. How had we been able to live so blindly, deaf and dumb, while hundreds of people disappeared from our daily environment every day? It was only when I taught students myself that the joy of art returned and I found a language to deal with what had happened.

When Pat Binder and her students used x-rays as a print base for monotypes in art class, she became aware of the formal intensity of the translucent black-and-white images of the hidden interior of the human being. For her, the skeleton of x-rayed bodies attained the meaning of an existential sign of far-reaching symbolism. According to the context in which it was placed, and in combination with other elements in her assemblages, the possibilities of association varied within a relatively limited spectrum. For the most part, it deals with the martyred creature, the appearance of transparent bodies from the void into which they had disappeared without a trace; with an imprisonment or a macabre game, rich in associations, with single extremities as a process of fragile constructions. Blurry projections of single images on the wall behind them increase the drama and allow an superelevated, immaterial layer of light and shadow to materialize.

Pat Binder

A selection of art projects, installations, objects, art in public space, art and remembrance.

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