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Oil Traces and Baptisms

In London, I had the unique opportunity to work in an abandoned factory building which was behind my studio. It was an industrial laundry, whose main room with high bow windows had a sacred atmosphere. In the midst of this room I discovered a long T-shaped shaft, by shoving away heavy metal pieces that were covering it. I assume, that, when the large heating tanks were removed, the shaft had filled with black fuel running out of the pipes. I was fascinated by the fact that such a temple of the cleanness produced such a waste. This stimulated me to a series of works in which I deal with political ecological, aesthetic and religious thoughts. I was reported to the police by an unsuspecting witness of my experiments because of practicing "satanic rituals."

Considering the working method which - on the level of art - includes the destructive as an element of a constructive, creative principle and which celebrates the creative process in and of itself, misunderstandings can occur. [...] . In the seclusion of the spacious hall and the various adjoining rooms, Pat Binder developed a new feeling for spatial and material constellations by handling countless objects that had fallen into disuse ...

Pat Binder

A selection of art projects, installations, objects, art in public space, art and remembrance.

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