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Objects and installations made from old books in fracture type (Gothic script), in combination with twigs and natural materials; ongoing since 1992.

For Pat Binder, books are civilizational symbols and holistic signs, in which the world is crystallized in miniature and from which countless views of the world arise. In this she found an ideal object for in her search for completeness and meaning. Despite all intellectual background, her way of dealing with it is more aesthetic. In this respect, it is for the most part not crucial which content the chosen books have.

The opened book defines a space into which it reaches. Like a sculpture, the space has been expanded with branches and constructions made of natural materials that project out of the pierced body of books. These "ecoglyphs" evoke an ideal, original condition of the unity between culture and nature, and remind us of their irretrievable harmony. Old German volumes in Gothic typography were used for this. Pat Binder sees a parallel between the type's disappearance from daily use and the extinction of animal and plant species. She is also attracted by the intriguing correspondence between the branched form of the typeface and the organic materials.

Pat Binder

A selection of art projects, installations, objects, art in public space, art and remembrance.

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