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Á l'angle des possibles

6th Festival of Contemporary Art Orienta. 2 April - 4 June 2016, Oujda, Morocco. 35 artists from different countries. Curator: Christophe Boulanger. Several venues.
Feb 2016

The exhibition From the Angle of the Possible that constitutes the 6th Edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Art Orienta brings together 35 artists from different countries featuring almost 50 artworks, including photographs, paintings, videos, performances, installations, several produced especially for the exhibition.

Designed like a journey through the city of Oujda, it will open new pathways across its daily life, proposing a poetical form of dwelling based on fragments of shared life, points of view upon other cities (Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Cairo, Taipei), strategies of resistance, and monuments - magnificent and precarious ones.

The visitors will be invited to discover new possibilities of traversing and experiencing at the angle of a street, in a courtyard of a library, in a café, or in the galleries of a theatre, revealing poetical remnants in urban interstices. In a tour accompanied by encounters with art and poetry, three main themes will unfold: The Double Image; Threshold & Frontier; Reflection on the Other.

Participating artists: Ahmed Aajour, Emmanuel Aragon, Hassan Badreddine, Stéphanie Béghain & Olivier Derousseau, Jean-Christophe Ballet, Yasmina Benari, Mohamed Bourouissa, Charles Cako Boussion, Balthasar Burkhard, Najib Cherradi, Albert Clermont, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Mati Diop, Abderrahmane Doukkane, Abdelkrim Doumar, Fadhil Esseddiq, Frédéric Fourdinier, Olga Gaupmann, Houda Ghorbel, Ibrahim Hamami, Séverine Hubard, El Yazid Kher-bache, Kapwani Kiwanga, Hee-Won Lee, Manon Leroy, Chris Marker, Randa Maroufi, Sarah Mauriaucourt, Ahmed Mattougui, Lauren Moffatt, Freddy Mutombo, Zaynab Nasri, Claude et Clovis Prevost, Netty Radvanyi, Driss Rah-haoui, Claude Rutault, Chaíbia Talal, Lawrence Weiner, Ian Wilson, Abderrahman Zenati.

Curator: Christophe Boulanger
Associated Curator: Brahim Bachiri
Venues: Riwaq al Founoun Gallery, Institut Français, Moulay Sliman Foundation, Charif Al Idriss Library, Galerie of the Grand Théátre Mohammed VI, Villa Verte, Maison Sebti, Café Colombo

Access to the venues and events is free.

More information and detailed program:

(From press information.
Translation from French: Binder & Haupt)

Á l'angle des possibles
From the Angle of the Possible

6th Festival of Contemporary Art Orienta

2 April - 4 June 2016
Oujda, Morocco

Festival Director:
Azzedine Abdelouhabi

Curator: Christophe Boulanger
Associated Curator: Brahim Bachiri

Riwaq al Founoun Gallery
Institut Français
Moulay Sliman Foundation
Charif Al Idriss Library
Galerie of the Grand Théátre Mohammed VI
Villa Verte
Maison Sebti
Café Colombo

Organized by:
Réseau d'art A-48

Supported by:
l'Agence de l'Orien-tal,
Ministére de la Culture du Royaume du Maroc,
Conseil Régional de l'Oriental et de la Ville de Lille.

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