"do it" instruction by Amir Nour

Venue: Beit al Beiruti



The best material for this project is basswood, which is very soft, durable and light in weight. It can be obtained in different sizes from any regular art store. If it is unavailable, you can substitute any other suitable wood or material. The size that is needed for this particular project is: 1 x 1 x 12 inches. You need about 600 pieces (or less) of this specified measurement, depending on the desired size of the work to be executed. Each piece can be painted in a single colour or multiple colours. This will add complexity and charm to the end result. Different exciting artworks can be produced in various arrangements on a flat surface, a wall or as freestanding three-dimensional forms. The work can be a product of a single unit, modulated and repeated in many ways, horizontally or vertically. The pieces of wood can also be scattered randomly on the floor or organised in well-controlled patterns that create rhythm. In other words, all-over-repeated patterns or alternated patterns can be designed. Also, domino arrangements may be created in many ways with many possibilities.

© Photo: Courtesy of Darat al Funun
The Khalid Shoman Foundation

do it بالعربي - Darat al Funun

Workshops, activations, performances & activities based on instructions by 70 artists. Darat al Funun, Amman, until Mid-January 2017.

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