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Bamako Encounters. African Photography Biennial

Photography, video, film, and animation works can be submitted to participate in the 10th Edition of the African Photography Biennial. Deadline: 30 March 2015
Feb 2015

Bamako Encounters, the main international platform dedicated to African photography, will take place again this year. The 10th Edition is scheduled from 31 October to 31 December 2015, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Mali, and the Institut français, with Samuel Sidibe (Director of the National Museum of Mali), as Executive Director, and Bisi Silva, (Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos), as Artistic Director.

Bamako Encounters calls for submission to participate in the Pan-African Exhibition, which will be shown at the National Museum of Mali.

According to curator Bisi Silva, "The forthcoming 2015 Bamako Biennial marks the institution’s ten-year anniversary and provides an opportunity to critically reassess and propose new possibilities for discussing recent developments in photographic practice across Africa and the diaspora. This is all the more necessary given the increasingly expansive uses to which photographic mediums are put by artists on the continent as they attempt to go beyond reportage, documentary and street photography by moving toward more conceptual and interdisciplinary practices.

Increasingly contemporary artists have become preoccupied with analysing how images come to document and represent reality by putting pressure on conventional understandings of the relationship between images and time. With “time” as its overarching theme, the 10th edition of the Bamako biennial invites artists to consider and question the idea of time in order to propose new ways of thinking about the past, debating the present, and imagining the future.

In light of the recent traumatic experiences and threats to Mali’s sovereignty, as well as other upheavals across Africa and the diaspora such as in the USA and Brazil, artists are encouraged to consider the role of time as political instrument, as social construct, and as a site of possibility. We welcome projects exploring time in relation to ideas of reenactment, play, storytelling, installation and archival intervention. Submitted artworks and proposals may draw on a range of lens-based media including photography, video, film, and animation."

Deadline: 30 March 2015

More information for submissions:
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(From press information)

10th Bamako Encounters
African Photography Biennial

31 October - 31 December 2015
Bamako, Mali

Executive Director:
Samuel Sidibé

Artistic director:
Bisi Silva

Photography, video, film, and animation works can be submitted until:
30 March 2015

Rencontres de Bamako

C/o Musée National du Mali
BP 159

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