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Tanya Habjouqa wins one of the World Press Photo awards

Her series Occupied Pleasures won the 2nd Prize in the category "Daily Life Stories" of the prestigious photography contest.
Feb 2014

World Press Photo is an independent, non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Founded in 1955 the organization is known for holding the world's largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest. This year, the winners were selected from more than 90,000 submitted images.

In addition to selecting the World Press Photo of the Year, the contest determines winners in several different categories.

In the category "Daily Life Stories" Tanya Habjouqa has won the 2nd Prize for her work:

Occupied Pleasures
More than four million Palestinians live in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, where the political situation regularly intrudes upon the most mundane of moments. People’s movements are circumscribed and the threat of violence often hangs overhead. Occupied Pleasures is an exploration of the small moments of pleasure where ordinary men and women demonstrate a desire to live, not just simply survive.
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Interview with Tanya Habjouqa about her series of photographs, 2012-2013. By Cecilia Andersson. December 2013

(From World Press Photo, and Tanya Habjouqa's website)

Tanya Habjouqa was born in Jordan and educated in the United States, receiving her masters in Global Media and Middle East Politics from the University of London SOAS.

She is a freelance photographer, features writer, and a founding member of Rawiya photo collective. Based in East Jerusalem, she is working on personal projects that explore socio-political dynamics, occupation, and subcultures of the Levant. Habjouqa has worked on the front lines in Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur, and Gaza.

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