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6th International Festival of Contemporary Art of Algiers, FIAC 2014

The 6th International Festival of Contemporary Art of Algiers, takes place 3 Dec. 2014 - 28 Feb. 2015, MAMA Algiers.
Nov 2014

The 6th Edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Art of Algiers, FIAC 2014, will take place from 3 December 2014 until 31 January 2015 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMA), 25 rue Larbi Ben M'hidi, Algiers.

Under the title "La Techné, l’art du designer", and with the participation of Cherif Medjebeur, Rahil Naila, Radia Rahil, Said Issadi, Leila Mammeri, Abdelmounaim, Chentir, Amine Belkebir, Walid Bouchouchi, Samir Hamiane, Messaoud Idir, Mohamed Ourad, Mourad Krinah (all Algeria), and Johannes Van Der Schjiff (South Africa), Moahamed Sekou Ouattara (Burkina Faso), Hicham Lahlou (Morocco) and Bertrand Planes (France), the FIAC invites to an exhibition that will explore the univers of design, proposing the discovery of a new vision of the object.

Festival Director: Mohammed Djehiche

Exhibition curator: Hellal Zoubir


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(Press information. Translation from French: Nafas)

Festival International de l'Art Contemporain
6ème édition
FIAC 2014

3 December 2014 - 28 February 2015

Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain d'Alger

25 rue Larbi Ben M'hidi
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