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Curated by Clara Meister in collaboration with S.T.I.F.F. The performances were supported and co-produced by Kamarstudios Morocco and Aniko Boehler.

Commissioned by Marrakech Biennale as part of the main exhibition.
25 - 28 February 2014,
at various locations in the Medina.
The performative project invited visitors into the city and connected the different venues of the Biennale by introducing a variety of Moroccan music. The music embraced different styles and languages acting as audible signs placed on the route, animating intersections and side roads to navigate through Marrakech. The project suggested an alternative mapping of the city, offering up a unique path along and beside the routes of the Biennial as it played with different methods of orientation, such as memory, narrative, and experience. This sensory form of navigation was supported by a printed parallel map and poetic headings chalked on walls in areas where many streets have no names. It established an understanding of the territory through the abstract form of the map leading into the actual ambiance of the city. The drawings depicted in the map linked the playful descriptive fragments on the walls to merge with the visual experience on site.

(From the project description by the organizers)


Photo Tour

Marrakech Biennale 5 - an extensive photo tour through the visual arts section, including all the venues and almost all the artists. 26 Feb. - 31 March 2014, Morocco.

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