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La Maison de l’Image

40 Rue Tarak Ibn Zied
1086 Mutuelleville, Aryanah, Tunisia
Wassim Ghozlani
Olfa Feki
Scheduled to open by the end of 2013

Inaugural Project: Views of Tunisia

The governorate (wilaya in Arabic) is Tunisia’s regional authority, headed by governors appointed by the President of the Republic after nomination by the Minister of the Interior. This system was put in place by the decree of 21 June 1956.

The principle of the project is very simple: a photographer for each governorate (24 total). The photographers have carte blanche and can also create a personal portrait of the chosen department.

The project will open at La Maison de l’Image as of end of 2013 and take two forms: a publication of the 24 photographic booklets and a collective exhibition.


La Maison de l’Image

Reflections on the upcoming opening of the center for the formation and diffusion of photography and image culture in Tunis.

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