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Numerous events have taken place in order to debate the place of culture today during a period of democratic transition and, more generally, the situation of the arts. We can cite:

- The meeting organized by the Tunisian Federation of the Visual Arts at the Kheireddine Palace on the future of the arts in relationship to the dynamics of civil society.

- The Tunisian Association of Aesthetics and Poetics (L’Association Tunisienne d’Esthétique et de Poïétique) held a day of reflection in order to examine the aesthetic turning point in the current Tunisian artistic scene.

- A two day forum organized around the "Maghreb arts scene," initiated by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation for Arts and Culture (Fondation Kamel Lazaar pour les arts et la culture), which brought together art critics, curators, and a number of artists from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

- Meetings between artists and critics at the Center for Living Art in Belvédère (Centre d’Art Vivant du Belvédère).

- The meeting between collectors, gallerists, and curators at the Bchira Art Center.

- The Union of Visual Arts Professions participated in a sit-in in front of the constitutional council to remind them of the right to culture and creation.


Tunisia: Dynamic & Vigilant

One year after the Revolution, the Tunisian visual art scene is experiencing a mutation in which action and vigilance predominate.

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