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John Jones Art on Paper Award for Luis Camnitzer and Hassan Sharif

Luis Camnitzer and Hassan Sharif are the winners of the 1st edition of this award, announced at Art Dubai 2012.
Mar 2012

On the inaugural day of the Art Dubai were announced the winners of the 1st John Jones Art on Paper Award: Luis Camnitzer and Hassan Sharif, presented on the fair by Alexander Gray Associates.

We are particularly pleased with this decision, because we highly appreciate the work of both artists, and have featured them in Universes in Universe and Nafas Art Magazine since long time already (see the links to corresponding contributions below the text). The award grants, among other things, a joint exhibition in Dubai, which we'll make sure to feature in our publication.

Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt

Here the official press release:

On 21 March 2012 at Art Dubai, the judges of the John Jones Art on Paper Award have selected artists Hassan Sharif (UAE) and Luis Camnitzer (Uruguay) as dual recipients of the inaugural award. The two artists are shown on the stand of New York gallery Alexander Gray Associates.

The jury of the John Jones Art on Paper Award said, "We have chosen for the inaugural prize the pairing drawn between Hassan Sharif and Luis Camnitzer by Alexander Gray Associates. Both artists have had consequent drawing practices for many decades. Bringing their work together made us think anew about each artist's work and created an unexpected encounter. As Diaghilev and Cocteau said: ‘Etonnez-moi.’"

The Award was conceived by master framers John Jones Ltd. and Art Dubai to recognize the potential for excellence and innovation for works made on paper. Sharif and Camnitzer will be given the opportunity to present a dedicated exhibition in Dubai between March 2012-2013, and in addition to the artists receiving a cash prize, the winning works will be acquired by the John Jones Contemporary Art Collection in London.

Whilst the prize was originally meant to award one artist, the judges were compelled by the galleryʼs pairing of work by Sharif and Camnitzer, which brings together artists from two different continents who are pioneers in advancing conceptual art across the globe, yet have never met. Following this unexpected result, the John Jones Art on Paper Award is determining what format the award will subsequently take and an announcement will be made in the next few weeks.

Matt Jones, Managing Director of John Jones Ltd., says, "This slightly curve ball decision from the judges presents an incredible opportunity - these are two important artists whose work offers many parallels and the idea that our award could enable them to meet and work together is very exciting. Dubai has a history as a melting pot of collaborations and crossovers so it seems particularly relevant for this to have happened here."

Jury members:

Janah Hilwé
* 1943 Birzeit, Palestine. Visual artist, lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.
Hans Ulrich Obrist
* 1968 Zurich, Switzerland. Co-director of the Serpentine Gallery in London, UK.
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie
Writer and critic, lives in Beirut; Lebanon. Contributing editor for Bidoun, writes regularly for The Daily Star, Artforum and Frieze.
John Jones Ltd. is a London-based family business offering high quality fine art services to an international client base. The company has grown to encompass bespoke framing, artist surfaces, artwork installation, conservation, collection management, photography and printing to museum standards, and the team comprises of experts in the preservation and presentation of art.

Luis Camnitzer and Hassan Sharif
featured in Nafas and UiU - some examples:

<paragraph xmlns:tmp="http://ez.no/namespaces/ezpublish3/temporary/"> Documenta 11, 2002: Luis Camnitzer
Kulturbahnhof: Works from the Uruguayan Torture Series (1983/84), and installation in 2 rooms. Interview by Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt.
<paragraph xmlns:tmp="http://ez.no/namespaces/ezpublish3/temporary/"> The Corruption in the Arts / the Art of Corruption
Essay by Luis Camnitzer, published in 1995 within the context of "The Marco Polo Syndrome".
<paragraph xmlns:tmp="http://ez.no/namespaces/ezpublish3/temporary/"> Hassan Sharif Retrospective 2011
Experiments & Objects 1979 - 2011. First major monographic exhibition in the UAE, curated by Catherine David & Mohammed Kazem.
<paragraph xmlns:tmp="http://ez.no/namespaces/ezpublish3/temporary/"> Hassan Sharif - early works
Constructivist drawings and Fluxus influenced performances in Dubai and the desert, early 1980s. By Paulina Kolczynska, September 2009.
<paragraph xmlns:tmp="http://ez.no/namespaces/ezpublish3/temporary/"> Hassan Sharif at The Flying House
Private initiative, exhibits UAE art, incl. some of the pioneers of the experimental movement. By Gerhard Haupt & Pat Binder, April 2008.

On 21 March 2012 at Art Dubai Luis Camnitzer and Hassan Sharif have been announced as the winners of the inaugural John Jones Art on Paper Award.

Both artists have been presented together at the stand of Alexander Gray Associates, New York.

Also interesting in UiU:

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<paragraph xmlns:tmp="http://ez.no/namespaces/ezpublish3/temporary/"> Hassan Sharif
Artist, theorist, and art promoter in Dubai; leading figure of an art scene, searching for new paths. By Gerhard Haupt & Pat Binder, July 2004.
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