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Tagh’out, 2011
Multi-channel mixed-media installation
2 light boxes, 500 x 220 cm each
Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation
Project part of the 10th Sharjah Biennial 2011
"In the eyes of the Islamist terrorists I belonged to the hateful category of the tagh’out – a traitor to the cause of God. As an artist and journalist, I was living in a state torn between the rule of law, ‘loyalty’ to Islam and the aspirations of struggling for a free, democratic and modern Algeria. The worst was to endure up close the atrocities of a civil war that did not acknowledge itself as such. The most shocking moment was when, having been assigned to cover his speech, I witnessed the assassination of President Boudiaf. This work is about memory, a return to the archives and recollections of that period."

Statement by Ammar Bouras
10th Sharjah Biennial 2011

Ammar Bouras

When testimony is resistance. The multimedia installation Tag'out synthesizes his commitment to break the silence around Algeria's recent history.

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