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Tunisia's Cultural Revolution

Appeal of the Tunisian Association of Aesthetics and Poetics for a cultural revolutionary process.
Jan 2011

We, the undersigning Tunisian Association of Aesthetics and Poetics, paying tribute to the martyrs of the revolution and being attentive to the will of the people, believe that the revolutionary process for freedom and dignity, which began over a month ago, is also a cultural revolutionary process; and accordingly we call for:

1. A democratic and national culture

2. The refusal of a culture of "folklorization"

3. The protection and promotion of cultural heritage

4. The transparency and visibility of cultural and institutional decisions and projects, especially those of the Ministry of Culture

5. The support and encouragement of free and independent art criticism

6. The encouragement of creation of art journals

7. The abolition of privileges of a minority of cultural actors and the promotion of young artists

8. The support of and listening to cultural and scientific NGOs whose objective is the promotion of artistic creation and culture

9. The sustainable vigilance of civil society for the success of the democratic process.

The Tunisian Association of Aesthetics and Poetics (ATEP) is a scientific, non-profit NGO founded by a notice of formation published in the Official Gazette No 50 of May 5, 1995. It aims at promoting research on creative processes and reception of artworks as well as the appreciation and value of original art productions.

This association is open to any proposal and any activity that aims at promoting artistic creation. It tries to offer a scientific framework for activities that enhance the value of the creative dimension and the development of aesthetic taste. ATEP has already organized 12 international conferences and released 12 publications.

Association Tunisienne d’Esthétique et de Poïétique (ATEP)
EL Menzah 9
Email: r_atep(at)yahoo.fr
Fax: 0021671566822

(Translation from French: Mary Yazbeck)

Association Tunisienne d’Esthétique et de Poïétique (ATEP)

EL Menzah 9

President of ATEP:
Rachida Triki

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