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The Changing Room

Arab Reflections on Praxis and Times. Until 22 October 2011, at Spazio Qubi, Torino, Italy.
Sep 2011

The Changing Room is a project designed to observe and interpret a series of photo, video and installation projects specifically addressing the desire towards change, particularly during the post-revolution case. With the start of 2011, the Arab world has been constantly changing its geography and identity. In the coming six months, no one can predict how the map of the Arab World will look. Today the region is literally a "Land of Confusion." Regardless of the uncertainties, the Arab World would be very happy to see their shared utopian dream being built day after day, second by second: But are the changes happening now bringing us closer to that dream? Other than an illusion starting to appear, so does a re-awakening of the past. A prediction that was known and not confronted.

The rapid political change also implies a change in the cultural dynamics. Therefore we propose The Changing Room: Arab Reflections on Praxis and Times, to reflect sociocultural activities happening personally with each artist's experience. The central focus of the project is to document, negotiate and reflect reoccurring events happening through artists who all carry international recognition towards their cause, and will design a specific atmosphere to share that information with.

Featuring Artists:
Adel Abidin, Iraq
Sama Alshaibi, Palestine/Iraq
Kader Attia, Algeria
Khaled Hafez, Egypt
Karim Al Husseini, Palestine
Ibrahim Saad, Egypt
Steve Sabella, Palestine
Larissa Sansour, Palestine
Ahmed El Shaer, Egypt
Anas Al Shaikh, Bahrain
Nermine Hammam, Egypt
Marwan Sahmarani, Lebanon
Ines Jerray, Tunis
Khaled Ramadan, Lebanon
Bassem Yousry, Egypt
Featuring Essays:
Martina Corgnati, Italy
Aladin, UK
Aida Eltorie, Egypt
Sara Rossino, Italy
Amira Al Ahl, Egypt/Germany
Mariam Hamdy, Egypt
Heba El Kayal, Egypt
Wafa Gabsi, Tunis
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(Press release)

The Changing Room
Arab Reflections on Praxis and Times

23 September -
22 October 2011

Spazio Qubi
via Parma 75/c
Torino, Italy

In association with Metroquadro Gallery, Rivoli


Aida Eltorie



Finding Projects Association


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