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OK. Video Festival 2011

Call for video entries for the Internat. Festival in Jakarta, organized by ruangrupa. Deadline: 31 Aug. 2011
Jul 2011

OK. Video - Jakarta International Video Festival is a biannual video festival held since 2003 by ruangrupa, an artists' initiative in Jakarta, Indonesia.

OK. Video gives spaces to video works concerning social and cultural phenomena in Indonesia and abroad within a festival with specific theme.
OK. Video Festival 2011 conceives flesh as a metaphor of biological entity of the human body that transforms into digital entity (images, sounds, texts) through the advancement of audiovisual technology. It also represents video that progressively shows its organic characters: grow in virtual sphere across the dimensional and temporal boundaries, metamorphoses into various medium and consistently reproduces itself by the reason of virality. This phenomena is continuously celebrated by our contemporary society within the progression of information and communication technology.
The festival invites public to discuss various questions: how far this kind of new flesh interacts with social, political and cultural aspects? Are we really celebrating democracy or is it just another virtual euphoria? How does the intersection between private and public domain continuously expand and shift? How do social and power structure cope with these changes? Thus, what are the consequences in relation with the discourses of history, tradition, religion, urban and rural culture, popular culture, mass media, sexuality, identity and violence? OK. Video placed these phenomena as a possibility to be celebrated, read, and interpreted critically.
OK. Video Festival focuses on non-narrative video works and opens for reconstructions, recording manipulations and an array of experiments of the audiovisual language. We accept video works with various approaches. Three best video works will be rewarded and announced at the opening ceremony of OK. Video FLESH - 5th Jakarta International Video Festival 2011 at Gallery National of Indonesia, Jakarta.

We accept your video work(s) in a format:
DVD (hardcopy) & softcopy (video Link(s) for download) / Duration 3 - 15 minutes / Production 2009 - 2011
31 August 2011
Free registration
More information and submission forms to submit online: okvideofestival.org

Or send your video work(s) to:
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 6
Jakarta Selatan, 12820, Indonesia
T/F: + 62 21 8304220

(Press release)

5th Jakarta International Video Festival 2011

Gallery National of Indonesia, Jakarta

6 - 17 October 2011

Deadline for video submissions:
31 August 2011

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