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Cities Exhibition: Between Ebal and Gerzim

Proposals for interventions in Nablus. Organized by: Ethnographic and Art Museum, Birzeit University. Deadline: 15 May 2011.
Apr 2011

A new sequel of the CITIES EXHIBITION series produced by the Ethnographic and Art Museum – Birzeit University is set this year in the city of Nablus "Between Ebal and Gerzim". The exhibition is curated by Vera Tamari and Yazid Anani. Visual artists are encouraged to submit proposals for contemporary artistic interventions in the city based on the concept summarized below.

Application deadline extended until:
15 May 2011
Applications to be sent via email to
Subject: NABLUS
Concept Brief:
CITIES EXHIBITION is a project that attempts to draw attention to a variety of relationships between people and place and time, keeping the cadence and uniqueness of each city, moving from the past to the present through the narrative of time. The idea of the project is beyond just the stereotypical representations of nostalgia and folklore, it is by itself an attempt to putting in juxtaposition, past and contemporary visual and cultural evidence, not only to affirm the uniqueness of those cities, but to challenge the issues of memory, identity and change as well.
Nablus 'Neapolis', the new city of Vespasian; the Shechem of Abraham and Sara in the biblical land of Canaan; a city that has witnessed its destruction and resurrection twenty two times flanked by its guardians mount Gerzim and Ebal. Nablus of the Abbasids and Ottomans, a Palestinian city that stubbornly withstood wars, resisted occupation, Nablus ‘Jabal el Nar’, is where present and history coexist; and where cultures intertwine leaving traces of splendor and change on architecture, art, cuisine, and social structure.


(Press release)

Call for proposals for artistic interventions in the city of Nablus

15 May 2011

Vera Tamari
Yazid Anani

Project organized by:

Birzeit University Museum

P.O. Box 14

Supported by:

The Arab Fund for Art & Culture

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