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Qabr Al-Zaman

The Tomb of Time, 2010. Installation, shown at Told/Untold/Retold, one of the three opening exhibitions of the Mathaf, Doha.

Borg El Amal

Tower of Hope. Site-specific construction and sound installation, Palace of Arts, 11th Cairo Biennale, 2008 / 2009.


Photographic series, Red City, Cairo, 2008 / 2009.

Tahrir Square & Cairo

Photographs taken by Lara Baladi during the revolution, Jan/Feb. 2011, while preparing the interview with Nafas Art Magazine.

Featured here are 3 recent art projects of Lara Baladi, in which the correlations between the private and the social are conveyed in a particularly impressive way.

The last group of photographs were taken by her on Tahrir Square and in the city of Cairo, Jan/Feb. 2011.

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