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Sinopale 2

The 2nd edition of the International Biennial in Sinop, Turkey. 16 August - 5 September 2008.
May 2008

The mission of Sinopale is to trigger the local and regional development by means of international cultural dynamics and to translate local expressions into the international language of the arts. Being one of the oldest cities on the Black Sea coast, Sinop has hosted many cultures throughout history within the area it is isolated in.

The second edition of Sinopale takes place from 16 August to 5 September 2008, based on the concept text "The New Order of Things," by Beral Madra. She writes, among other things: "Evidently, with The New Order of Things we borrow Foucault’s title and would like to revere him within this artistic and cultural event launched in Sinop, the historical town at the most northern point of Turkey. It is self-evident that by using 'new' in the title we are not intending to exceed our limits and trying to surpass Foucault’s wisdom. This 'new' is employed possibly as an ambiguous term to imply the vanity of contemporary art system to continuously advocate the newness in art making, but also as a skeptical reflection on the state of political and economical affairs in our territory. In the age of inventing 'a new' every five minutes which sometimes turns out to be a new crisis, we feel obliged to question the 'political, economical and cultural new' that effects our everyday and lifetime."

T. Melih Görgün as the art director, and Dr. Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, Beral Madra, Monali Meher, Nezaket Ekici, Murteza Fidan, Heiner Holtappels, Emre Koyuncuoglu, Umut Südüak as the Artistic Committee Members invited a group of artists to realize performances, show video art, design and installations. A series of special exhibitions and screenings, as well as workshops, seminars, and children's programs complement the event.

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Sinopale 2
The 2nd International Sinop Biennial

The New Order of Things

16 Aug. - 5 Sept. 2008


International Sinop Biennial


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