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Resistance[s] Vol. II

Lowave's 2nd edition of experimental films and video art from the Middle East and North Africa.
Feb 2008

Resistance[s] II is the second volume of this collection of experimental film and video art from the Middle East and North Africa. Silke Schmickl and Christine Sehnaoui selected films by nine authors:
- Katia Kameli: Nouba
- Bouchra Khalili: Straight Stories. Part
- Al Fadhil: Amer & Nasser. Iraqi Brothers
- Zineb Sedira: Don’t do to her what you did to me
- Joude Gorani: Before Vanishing
- Nesrine Khodr: I swam in the sea last week…
- Pauline M’Barek: Géographie Imaginaire
- Jalal Toufic: Saving Face
- Nassim Amaouche: Quelques miettes pour les oiseaux
The films are undertitled in four languages ( English, German, French, Arabic ) and complemented by artists' interviews, biographies and a text by Cédric Vincent:

Duration: 107 minutes, DVD 10, PAL/NTSC, Stereo, Colour, 4:3, Zone: All

The DVD costs 25 Euros. It can be purchased directly on www.lowave.com and is available in specialised book and video stores ( Walther König, Bbooks, Videorom, ZKM, Jakob) as well as on amazon.

Additional information:
Silke Schmickl - silke(at)lowave.com
Phone: 0033 1 45 72 50 10

Resistance[s] Vol. II
Experimental films and video art by 9 authors from the Middle East and North Africa


14 rue Taylor

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