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How young Lebanese photographers see their country. Exhibition based on a workshop by Frauke Eigen.
Mar 2008

In July 2007, the Goethe-Institut Libanon invited young Lebanese photographers to a workshop to deal with the subjective mental states of present-day Lebanon. In cooperation with the German photographer Frauke Eigen, who conducted the 8-day workshop, they were encouraged to develop a visual language which enables the outside viewer to grasp the feeling of the caught moment.

The central conceptual theme of the workshop, expressed in the title: “How young Lebanese photographers see present-day Lebanon,” captures how the participants, in consultation with Frauke Eigen, were to develop an individualized notion of how each of them actually would like to express his/her idea, whether it be topics involving the current political situation, social themes or private ones.

The photographs of BE-SIDES show personal views that young people have on their country, their Lebanon. The photographers all came from very different backgrounds: some of them studied photography with one of the most renowned Lebanese photographers, Gilbert Hage, some of them have already won photography awards, some of them relied on their personal experience and some of them are self-taught.

The opening of the exhibition in October 2007 took place in a very unique venue: UMAM’s Hangar, which is located in Beirut’s southern suburbs in Haret Hreik, an area to which many Beirutis from other parts of the city rarely come. For the opening however, they came, along with people from the neighbourhood. Both the mixed audience and physical place were fitting for an exhibition which comprises so many views on Lebanon.


(From the catalog text of the exhibition)

Exhibition in Beirut and Tripoli, Lebanon, 2007

The photographs were taken in summer 2007 in the framework of a workshop with German photographer Frauke Eigen, who is also the curator of the exhibition.

Rosey Abla
Yves Atallah
Sandra Fayad
Nadine Ghanem
Joanne Issa
Christophe Katrib
Rana Massaad
Tarek Moukaddem
Waleed Saab
Elie Souaiby
Tanya Traboulsi
Doha Zeidan

Goethe-Institut Beirut

11, Bliss Street, Manara

In cooperation with UMAM D&R and Dialogpunkt Deutsch Tripoli

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