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The Issues and Networks of Creation during the Post-Contemporary Era

Issues & Networks of Creation during the Post-Contemporary Era. 25 - 30 October 2007 in Rabat and Marrakech.
Aug 2007

The symposium, proposed by Abdellah Karroum from 25 - 27 October in Rabat and from 29 - 30 October 2007 in Marrakech, intends to "examine the dimensions in which artistic experimentation and experience are most affected by today’s societies, which are their different reference points, complicities, and conflicts. The post-contemporary era could be defined as being dominated by cultural and political interference and by the fall of democracy as a value. In art, post-contemporaneity is visible in the formatting of international dialogues and exchanges and in the development of a globalization which has the tendency to drown out all originality outside of the styles that the art system created for itself."

Principal axes of reflection include:
- The school: place of information or formation?
- Cooperative/collaborative networks and issues of contemporary creation
- The questions of creation during the post-contemporary era
- Contemporary production in North Africa and the Middle East
Participants: scholars, independent curators, artists, researchers, teachers, etc

Artistic and Academic Advisors: Catherine David, Mohamed El-Baz, Jean-Louis Froment, Salah Hassan.

- Fondation Janelly et Jean-René Fourtou, Marrakech, Morocco.
- L’appartement 22, Rabat, Morocco.
- ENA (National School of Architecture), Rabat, Morocco.
- ESAV National School of Visual Arts, Marrakech, Morocco.
- Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA.
- Africana Studies and Research Center, Cornell University, USA
- Les editions hors’champs, Fez, Morocco.
- French Embassy in Morocco.
More information:

25 - 27 Oct. 07 Rabat
29 - 30 Oct. Marrakech

Initiated by
Abdellah Karroum

L'appartement 22

279 avenue Mohamed V

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