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Lida Abdul

The White House; Clapping with Stones. Two videos of performances in Afghanistan 2005.

Ebtisam AbdulAziz

Number and Lifetime, 2005. Installation, photos, documentation

Vyacheslav Akhunov

Ascent; Corner, 2004. Video performances in collaboration with Sergey Tychina

Mounir Fatmi

500 Meters of Silence, 2004-2005. Installation incl. 500 meters of aerial cables.

Amal Kenawy

The Purple Artificial Forest, 2005. Video animation, 8:50 min

Nur Hanim Khairuddin

Se(Rang)ga, 2003. Video animation

Waheeda Malullah

Stopped Ball, 2003. Installation, including photos

Anas Al-Shaikh

Not for Sale, 2004. Interactive computer animation.

Suha Shoman

I Am Everywhere, 2006. Video, 8:36 min


Photo tour through the presentation of Nafas in Berlin, May - August 2006.


Photos of the setting up of the exhibition, the opening and panel discussion.

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