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Breaking the Veils

Works by more than 50 female artists from 22 Islamic countries, touring since September 2002.
Dec 2003

This traveling exhibition is organized by the Royal Society of Fine Arts in Jordan and the Pan-Mediterranean Women Artists Network F.A.M (Femme-Art-Méditerranée) based in Greece. It shows artworks by more than 50 women from 22 Islamic countries.

The term "Islamic" refers to the civilization and is used in its cultural sense, not its religious one; neither are all of the artists Muslim, nor do the works represent any religious aspects. The purpose of the exhibition is to break the stereotyping of women in Islam and show the output of gifted women artists: Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and Hindu, who live within Islamic civilization and contribute to humanity's cultural heritage. It carries a message of peace, enlightenment, and compassion. All of the artworks come from the permanent collection of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman.

H.M. Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan opened the exhibition on 19 September 2002 at Porte d’Amboise in Rhodes. Further venues: Benaki Museum, Athens, January - February 2003; UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, March 2003; Fine Arts Museum, Valencia June 2003; Foundation of Three Cultures "Expo", Seville, November 2003. For 2004, other presentations in Spain and Italy are planned.

Breaking the Veils
More than 50 women artists from 22 countries of the Islamic World


Royal Society of Fine Arts, Jordan

Pan-Mediterranean Women Artists Network F.A.M. (Femme-Art- Mediterranee), based in Greece

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