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Africa e Mediterraneo

Contemporary art from North Africa. Focus of the issue 43-33 (July 2003) of the Italian journal.
Sep 2003

Since 1992, an interdisciplinary journal for cultural studies related to Africa is published three times a year in Bologna / Italy under the title "Africa e Mediterraneo - Cultura e Società". The focus of issue 43-44 (July 2003) is a dossier on contemporary art in North Africa.

An introductory essay analyses the birth and development of modern art in the Maghreb (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania). This is followed by contributions on individual countries, mostly with an introduction, three artist portraits, and references of books, reviews, websites etc. covering Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.

The concern of the introduction to Algeria is painting on either side of the Mediterranean, in both Algeria and France. A survey that goes back to colonial times proposes a résumé on the cultural relations and exchange between both countries.

In the case of Egypt, the spectrum of contemporary art between hybridism and cultural uniqueness is presented in the context of national and international art business. A second article focuses on the art scene in Cairo.

All texts are published in their original language, in this issue therefore Italian and French with short abstracts in English. It is planned that in future issues of "Africa e Mediterraneo" all the texts will be fully published in English.


Africa e Mediterraneo

Published by Lai-momo, a non-profit cooperative founded in 1995 by scientists, academics, and teachers.

Africa e Mediterraneo

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