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Violence, conflict and memory

First curatorial chapter, exhibited at the first floor of the temporary halls, Museo de Antioquia, including works by 13 participants.

Local stories in the global context

Exhibited at Museo de Antioquia: Second Floor, South Hall, and Experimental Hall at the south patio. One work at Casa de la Música de la Fundación EPM. Works by 20 participants.

Resilient city: Dreams, desires and possibilities

Dreams, Desires and Possibilities. Presented at the South Hall, second floor of Museo de Antioquia, and Experimental Hall at the south patio. Works by 7 participants.

The institutional teasing

Northern temporary hall, the basement of Museo de Antioquia. One project at the administrative center La Alpujarra. Works by 8 participants.

Dynamics of power over the body

Presented at the Casa del Encuentro (House of Encounter) which belongs to the Museum of Antioquia, including works by 13 participants.

Host Spaces with own projects

Projects and programs in coproduction with MDE15, carried out by self-managed spaces, which have contributed to the development of the art scene of Medellín

Encuentro Internacional de Arte de Medellín

6 November 2015 - 27 March 2016

Medellín, Colombia

Local Stories / Global Practices

Curatorial Team:

Artistic director: Nydia Gutiérrez

International curators:
Edi Muka & Sharon Lerner

National curator: Fernando Escobar

Local curator: Tony Evanko

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Exhibition venues:
Museo de Antioquia & Casa del Encuentro
Casa de la Música de EPM
Public spaces in the city.
59 artists and groups from 21 countries
exhibit at these venues

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