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Berlinische Galerie

Berlinische Galerie
Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur
Alte Jakobstraße 124-128
10969 Berlin
The Berlinische Galerie has been founded in 1975, and reopened in its own building in 2004, moving into a spacious industrial hall that has been rebuilt to provide 4,600 square metres of exhibition space.The State Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture collects art from Berlin dating from 1870 to the present day – with both a local and international focus. Its outstanding collections include Dada Berlin, the Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) and the Eastern European avant-garde. The art of the divided and reunified city of Berlin provides another focus.(From the website of Berlinische Galerie)

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Berlinische Galerie

Four complex groups of works: Created in and for Berlin; themes related to Africa; installations in which light plays a pivotal role; a selection from the "Press Works" series.

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