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Réunion Island Biennale Residency

Call for applications for art residencies in preparation of the Réunion Island Biennale. Deadline: 15 June 2009.
May 2009

A first preparatory session for the 2011 Réunion Island Biennale of A.D.C.N.I was held in 2007. This event featured with great success, the work of artists from seven different countries. The Réunion Island will officially host a second preparatory session of the 2011 Biennale with an international artists residency starting in August 2009, and an exhibition from 20th November and 23rd December 2009.

The Réunion Island Biennale of A.D.C.N.I. (Art Design Création Numérique et Immatérielle) sees itself as the intersection of the cultures and civilisations of Africa, Europe, and Asia. Its aim is to put the emerging artistic expression of the countries of the so-called "economic south" in the spotlight and to favour digital art around the world.

The Réunion Island biennale of A.D.C.N.I calls for applications for a 3-month art residency at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of the Reunion Island and become part of the "science and art" research group. This group studies the subject of "landscape" in all its dimensions: natural, human, urban, virtual.

As part of this second preparatory session of the 2011 biennale, an exhibition of the works created during the residency by about twenty young and talented emerging artists from the "south" will take place, which will be inaugurated on November 20th 2009.

In order to select candidates for the residency, the biennale team will be supported by:
- A network of cultural institutions and art, design and visual art universities from the different countries of the "economic south" including Australia, China, India, Indian Ocean Islands, Africa and South America.
- The Möbius International organisation, which will focus on digital art.
In order to participate, artists must fulfil the following conditions:
- To be part of a cultural institution or an art-focused university in their country
- To have Never exhibited their work in a European institution
- To be aged below 35
Benefits for successful applicants:
- All travel will be paid and artists will be housed free of charge at the accommoda tion centre "dos d'ane"
- All equipment needed for the completion of their projects will be provided,
- Access to various workshop of I'Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts: ceramics and porcelain, wood and iron, glass, video, sound, photography, digital art 2D/3D, real time 3D animation (cyberdome) 3D prototyping and film making.
- Assistance in the use of technology.
- A monthly research allowance of 1000 euros
- A post biennale booklet published and translated in French, English and Chinese, distributed to the international artistic community.

15 June 2009: Application deadline

30 June 2009: Final choice made by the artistic committee of the Biennale. Successful applicants will be announced.

17 August 2009: Start of the residency for selected artists

20 November 2009: Inauguration of the Biennale exhibition

07 December 2009: End of residency.

More information and application material:

Coordination - Biennale ADCNI
tel : + 262 (0) 6 92 39 67 39
Ecole des Beaux-Arts de La Réunion
102 avenue du 20 décembre 1848
B.P246 - 97826 Le Port cedex
La Réunion
tel :+ 262 (0) 262 43 08 01
fax: + 262 (0) 262 43 08 02

(Summarized from the press release)

The Reunion Island Biennale of A.D.C.N.I.

Call for applications for art residencies

15 June 2009

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