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Tijuana Sessions

16 artists from Northern Mexico and California. Exhibition parallel to ARCO Madrid, when Mexico was guest of honour.
Feb 2005

The title of the exhibition at the Council for Culture and Sports of Madrid, was taken from a well-known record by the musical group Nortec, whose members are important promoters of the cultural and artistic movement in Tijuana.

According to Príamo Lozada and Taiyana Pimentel, Tijuana Sessions is more a "curatorship of a specific 'generational moment and space' rather than a definitive interpretation of the region's cultural production". For this reason, instead of making a critical interpretation of the cultural production of Baja California, they favored the inclusion of different creative and intellectual disciplines. They explored the interaction between Tijuana and its neighbouring cities, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as the mutual influence among the disciplines, in particular between music and visual arts. The exhibition is conceived as an interrelationship between narrative and sound spaces, with the idea of generating a sort of creative noise, which the curators feel is representative of the contemporary artistic work in Tijuana.

The exhibition brings together 39 works (video, installation, painting, printmaking, photography, life radio transmissions via Internet) by the following artists and groups:

Acamonchi (Gerardo Yépiz)
Tania Candiani
Hans Fjellestad
Charles Glaubitz
Pepe Mogt (José Morales Gutiérrez)
Julio Morales
Jorge Nava
Nortec (group)
Julio Orozco
Radio Global (group)
Jaime Ruiz Otis
Torolab (group)
Sergio de la Torre
Alicia Tsuchiya
Yvonne Venegas
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18 image pages, in our Special about Mexico in ARCO

(Compilation based on the text by Príamo Lozada and Taiyana Pimentel in the general catalog of Mexico at ARCO '05)

Tijuana Sessions

8 February -
10 April 2005

Sala de Exposiciones de Alcalá 31, Consejería de Cultura y Deportes

Taiyana Pimentel and Príamo Lozada

16 artists from Northern Mexico and California

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