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The Marco Polo Syndrome

Problems of intercultural communication in art theory and curatorial practice. Publication and symposium Berlin, 1995.
Sep 1995

In April 1995, the House of World Cultures in Berlin organized the symposium

The Marco Polo Syndrome. Problems of intercultural communication in art theory and curatorial practice.

After the symposium Gerhard Haupt, who developed the idea and the concept, and Bernd M. Scherer, at that time HKW, edited the issue 4/5 1995 of the magazine neue bildende kunst in close cooperation with the publisher. It contains the edited papers of the symposium, as well as further contributions to the topic.

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Gerhard Haupt and Bernd M. Scherer

A global art scene? Marco Polo and the Other Cultures
Hans Belting

Opaque Rooms, or the Processes of Cultural Construction
Catherine David

Here comes Everybody. Relations of Power and Cultural Exchange
Thomas McEvilley

"Decolonizing the Mind" as a "Voyage in"
About Edward Saïd's "Culture and Imperialism"
Karlheinz Barck

The Other in the Land of the Globetrotters
Sebastián López

The World of Differences
Notes about art, globalization, and periphery
Gerardo Mosquera

The Corruption in the Arts / the Art of Corruption
Luis Camnitzer

Images of Japan: Baron von Stillfried Rathenicz, Paul Graham
Andreas Krase

Production of World Images: About the Traditional Grammar of Contemporary Imagery
Lydia Haustein

Art from the African continent
Al Imfeld

The Marco Polo Syndrome
Jean-Hubert Martin

Five Good Reasons for Travelling Far Away
Sabine Vogel

European Art as a Special Ethnological Case
An Interview with Wulf Köpke, Hajo Schiff

About the Reception of Black-Australian Art in Europe
Bernhard Lühti

Dialogue of Cultures? Configura 2 or the "Erfurter Method"
Michael Freitag

The Mask of Universality
Kim Levin

Why one more Biennial, Mr. Lee?
Interview with the chief-curator of the 1st Gwangju Biennale, Yongwoo Lee

Mongols in the Palace. East Asian Art in Venice 1995
Claudia Delank

Comparisons. Developments of the International Cultural Exchange
Alfons Hug

Ethno, what Ethno? Artistical Practice at the Interior Periphery
Christoph Doswald

Statement and works of artists:
Pat Binder
Zvi Goldstein
Marina Abramovic
Sharif Waked
Rasheed Araeen

A photographical essay on Mexico by Ulrich Wüst illustrates the first section of the issue.

The Marco Polo Syndrome

International symposium
11/12 April 1995

Organizer: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Idea, concept, direction: Gerhard Haupt, in collaboration with Bernd M. Scherer, HKW

Nelson Aguilar
Hans Belting
Carlos Capelán
Catherine David
Lorna Ferguson
Sebastián López
Jean-Hubert Martin
Gerardo Mosquera
Valerie Smith

In collaboration with:
Lateinamerika-Forum Berlin, German section of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), art magazine neue bildende kunst

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