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Izura/Takahagi seaside area

This area epitomizes the “sea” aspect of KENPOKU ART. The area is characterized by the white sandy beaches stretching out for miles, juxtaposed against the luminous blue sea. Not only blessed with scenic landscape, the area is rich in history and culture with some significant historic sites such as Rokkakudō, an hexagonal wooden retreat overlooking the sea, designed by Okakura Tenshin, the pioneer of Japanese modern art; and the Hozumi Residence, a traditional wealthy farmer's home.


Hitachi Station area

The famous Great Chimney and the Hitachi Mine are what symbolize the area to be the foundation of Japan's modern industrialization. The shopping center that thrived throughout history is still what supports the lives of the locals. The design of the transport gateway, Hitachi station, was supervised by a world-renown architect, Kazuyo Sejima.

Kenpoku Art 2016

17 September - 20 November 2016, Northern Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. General Director: Fumio Nanjo. Curators: Yukiko Shikata, Kodama Kanazawa.

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