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Museu de Arte da Universidade
Federal do Paraná - MusA
Rua XV de Novembro, 695 - 1° andar
Centro, Curitiba
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm
Saturday 9 am - 1 pm
6th Curitiba Biennial
Beyond the Crisis
18 September - 20 November 2011

General curators:
Alfons Hug
Ticio Escobar
Adriana Almada, Paz Guevara
Guest curators:
Artur Freitas, Simone Landal, Eliane Prolik, Alberto Saraiva
>> 72 participants
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Introduction, concept, organizers, biographies, etc.
Two artists at this venue:

Marcelo Medina
* 1978 Asunción, Paraguay; lives there.
more info & photos
Joaquín Sánchez
* 1975 Barrero, Paraguay. Lives in La Paz, Bolivia.
more info & photos
The other parts of this photo tour:

Museu Oscar Niemeyer
Main venue of the 6th Curitiba Biennial, mainly video and photographic works and installations.
Museu da Gravura
Videos, photographs and installations at the Museums of Engraving and of Photography.
Casa Andrade Muricy
Mayor painting show at the exhibition center of the Secretary of Culture, State of Paraná.
Museu Alfredo Andersen
Site specific paintings on the walls by Zhang Enli in dialogue with the venue and collection.
Public space, performances
Interventions and performances at several locations of the public space of Curitiba.
6th Curitiba Biennial, 2011

18 Sept. - 20 Nov. 2011, Curitiba, Brazil. Title: Beyond the Crisis. General curators: Alfons Hug, Ticio Escobar. Co-curators: Adriana Almada, Paz Guevara. 4 guest curators. 72 participants.

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