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List of Artists

Adel Abdessemed
* 1971 Constantine, Algeria. Lives in Paris, France, and New York, USA.

Bani Abidi
* 1971 Karachi, Pakistan. Lives there and in New Delhi, India.

Maria Thereza Alves
* 1960 São Paulo, Brazil. Lives in Rome, Italy.

Fikret Atay
* 1976 Batman, Turkey. Lives in Paris, France.

Bik Van der Pol
Collective, created in 1995.
Liesbeth Bik: * 1959 Haarlem, The Netherlands.
Jos van der Pol: * 1961 Arnhem, The Netherlands.
They live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Sylvie Blocher
* 1953 Morschwiller-le-Bas, France. Lives in Saint-Denis, France.

George Brecht
* 1926 New York, USA. + 2008 Cologne, Germany.

Alan Bulfin
* Ireland; lives there.

Pedro Cabrita Reis
* 1956 Lisbon, Portugal; lives there.

Sophie Dejode & Bertrand Lacombe
Sophie Dejode: * 1976 Amiens, France.
Bertrand Lacombe: * 1974 Annecy, France.
They live in Lyon, France, and Berlin, Germany.

Jimmie Durham
* 1940 Washington, Arkansas, USA. Lives in Rome, Italy.

Latifa Echakhch
* 1974 El Khnansa, Morocco. Lives in Martigny, Switzerland.

Mounir Fatmi
* 1970 Tangiers, Morocco. Lives there and in Paris, France.

Thierry Fontaine
* 1969 Saint-Pierre, Réunion (French). Lives in Paris, France, and Nouméa, New Caledonia (French).

Dora García
* 1965 Valladolid, Spain. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Laura Genz and the CSP75
* 1975. Lives in Paris, France.

Shilpa Gupta
* 1976 Mumbai, India; lives there.

Ha Za Vu Zu
Collective created in 2005. Based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Collective, created in 1999.
Helen Evans: * 1972 United Kingdom.
Heiko Hansen: * 1970 Germany.
They live in Paris, France.

Oliver Herring
* 1964 Heidelberg, Germany. Lives in Brooklyn/New York, USA.

Huang Yongping
* 1954 Xiamen, China. Lives in Paris, France.

Takahiro Iwasaki
* 1975 Hiroshima, Japan; lives there.

Jompet Kuswidananto
* 1976 Yogyakarta, Indonesia; lives there.

Leopold Kessler
* 1976 Munich, Germany. Lives in Vienna, Austria.

Ian Kiaer
* 1971 London, United Kingdom; lives there.

Lee Mingwei
* 1964 Taiwan. Lives in New York and Berkeley, USA.

Mark Lewis
* 1953 Hamilton, Canada. Lives in London, United Kingdom.

Michael Lin
* 1964 Tokyo, Japan. Lives in Shanghai, China.

Lin Yilin
* 1964 Guangzhou, China. Lives there and in New York, USA.

Liu Qingyuan & Yah
* 1972 Chongqing, China. Lives in Guangzhou, China.

Barry McGee
* 1966 San Francisco, USA; lives there.

Robert Milin
* 1951 Brest, France. Lives in Dijon, France.

Carlos Motta
* 1978 Bogotá, Colombia. Lives in New York, USA.

Wangechi Mutu
* 1972 Nairobi, Kenya. Lives in New York, USA.

Eko Nugroho
* 1977 Yogyakarta, Indonesia; lives there.

Ceren Oykut
* 1978 Istanbul, Turkey; lives there.

Adrian Paci
* 1969 Shkoder, Albania. Lives in Milan, Italy.

Dan Perjovschi
* 1961 Sibiu, Romania. Lives in Bucharest, Romania.

Oliver Ressler
* 1970 Knittelfeld, Austria. Lives in Vienna, Austria.

Pedro Reyes
* 1972 Mexico City, Mexico; lives there.

Rigo 23
* 1966 Madeira, Portugal. Lives in San Francisco, USA.

* 1938 Istanbul, Turkey. Lives in Paris, France.

Katerina Seda
* 1979 Brno, Czech Republic. Lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

Société Réaliste
Collective, created in 2004.
Ferenc Grof: * 1972 Pecs, Hungary.
Jean-Baptiste Naudy: * 1982 Paris, France.
They live in Paris, France.

Sarah Sze
* 1969 Boston, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Collective, created in 1998 by Lucy Orta, Maria Papadimitriou and Gabi Scardi.

Collective, founded in 1995 by Raúl Cárdenas Osuna:
* 1969 Mazatlán, Mexico. Lives in Tijuana, Mexico.

Tsang Kinwah
* 1976 Guangdong, China. Lives in Hong Kong, China.

With Antonio Gallego, José-María González, Roberto Martínez, Patrick Pinon.

Eulàlia Valldosera
* 1963 Vilafranca del Penedes, Spain. Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Agnès Varda
* 1928 Ixelles, Belgium. Lives in Paris, France.

Wong Hoy Cheong
* 1960 Penang, Malaysia. Lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Xijing Men
Collective, created in 2007.
Chen Shaoxiong: * 1962 Shantou, China. Lives in Guangzhou, China.
Tsuyoshi Ozawa: * 1965 Tokyo, Japan; lives there.
Gimhongsok: * 1964 Seoul, Korea; lives there.

Yang Jiechang
* 1956 Foshan, China. Lives in Paris, France, and Heidelberg, Germany

Yangjiang Group
Collective created in 2002.
Zheng Guogu: * 1970 Yangjiang, China.
Chen Zaiyan: * 1971 Yangchun, China.
Sun Qinglin: * 1970 Yangjiang, China.
They live in Yangjiang, China.

L’École du Magasin
The inescapable experience of transition: A curatorial project by session 18 of the École du Magasin (a curatorial training school in Grenoble), comprising Elodie Dufour (France), Marianna Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Yun In Kim (Korea), Marlene Perronet (France), Diane Pigeau (France), Tolga Taluy (Turkey).

10th Biennale de Lyon
16 September 2009 -
3 January 2010

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