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Nurture Gaia

About the theme of Bangkok Art Biennale 2024

In Greek mythology, Gaia is a goddess who offers life and nourishment. She has evolved in many forms and is revered as a mother, nurturer and giver of life. References to her have been found in temples, shrines, statues and paintings. In prehistoric times, she was worshiped as the feminine earth mother related to fertility and agriculture; in Hinduism, she is the earth as a living organism symbolized as mother earth Prithvi; in Southeast Asia, she takes on the form of Phra Mae Thorani found frequently in Buddhist scriptures and temples.

Gaia hypothesis, which proposed that the earth is a living being that sustains life, has received much attention. With climate change, pandemics, war and the destruction of the environment caused by Homo sapiens, there is critical awareness that humanity as an integral part of Earth, can no longer survive. When nature is defiled, people and animals ultimately suffer.

Scientists, environmentalists, sages and artists, including Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, James Lovestock, Bruno Latour, Jayasaro Bhikkhu and Sulak Sivalaksa, have discussed Gaia in the context of the earth as a living organism. Due to the lack of respect humans have for Gaia, the damage done to rainforests and the reduction of planetary biodiversity resulted in global catastrophe.

The World Meteorological Organization announced the hottest summer months measured in Europe. In September 2023, United Nations chief Antonio Guterres put the blame squarely on humans. “Scientists have long warned what our fossil addiction will unleash,” he said. “Our planet is imploding faster than we can cope with extreme weather events hitting every corner of our planet.” He added, “Surging temperatures demand a surge in action. Leaders must turn up the heat now for climate solutions.”*

*) Antonio Guterres, UN climate conference Geneva, published by World Meteorological Organization, 6th September 2023 (source)

(From press information)

4th Bangkok Art Biennale

24 October 2024 - 25 February 2025
Bangkok, Thailand

Theme: Nurture Gaia

Chief Executive & Artistic Director:
Apinan Poshyananda

Curatorial Team:
Akiko Miki, Brian Curtin, Paramaporn Sirikulchayanont, Pojai Akratanakul

International Advisory Committee:
Marina Abramović, Lito Camacho, Kim Camacho, Mami Kataoka, Eugene Tan

Organizer, media contacts

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