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San Francesco della Vigna

San Francesco della Vigna and surroundings

San Francesco della Vigna and surroundings

Overall distance: Approx. 1,8 km

In the northernmost part of the sestiere Castello, only a few minutes from Celestia station, one can still find an authentic and serene Venice, away from the beaten tourist path.

The church and monastery of San Francesco della Vigna was built by Franciscans in the 13th century on land that used to be a vineyard (vigna). Reconstructed in the sixteenth century under direction of Jacopo Sansovino, with modifications by Francesco Zorzi to give the space harmonic proportions according to the principles of the Kabbalah in music, it later received a classical façade designed by Andrea Palladio.

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In this art walk, we visit the church focusing on several of its treasures (including Bellini, Veronese, the Lombardos, and the only known Fra Antonio da Negroponte painting).

We take a view of the cloister, which - together with the Scuola di San Pasquale on Campo della Confraternità bordering the church on the south - are often used for exhibitions during editions of the Venice Biennale.

We also show San Francesco della Vigna's vineyard and vegetable garden, a piece of paradise on earth, unfortunately not open to the public.

After viewing San Francesco's surroundings, we walk to the mysterious Sotoportego di Corte Nova, an underpass nearby that served as a chapel, said to have saved the neighbors from the plague, as well as from WW1 bombing.

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