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Stucco-covered vessel

Teotihuacan, 350 - 550 A.D.
Height: 22,8 cm (with lid)
Diameter: 17,5 cm
ID IV Ca 46183
National Museums in Berlin, Ethnological Museum
Many stucco-covered vessels came to light in Teotihuacan. Often they are three-legged vessels with geometrically perforated legs. The production resembles the al fresco technique of the city’s famous murals. Paint was applied to and rapidly soaked into the fine, still-wet layer of plaster.

The red motif on the light green of the outer wall has still not been interpreted. On the lid, a plastically rendered bird with outspread wings and tail feathers functions as a handle.


© Photo: SMB / Martin Franken

Teotihuacán Collection Berlin

A selection of objects from the extensive collection of the Ethnological Museum Berlin.

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